Saturday, January 12, 2008

On Being Sick

I do not know what sort of bugs are in our fine Newport air that wafts off the waters of the O-hi-o, but it has been making my schnoz continually run since way before Thanksgiving.

At first I thought it could be allergies, but snow and ice have come and gone a couple of times since then and my post and fore nasal faucets continue to leak.

Perhaps this is a good sign for the makers of Kleenex (Kimberly-Clarke Inc) that stock may be on upswing (ticker sym: KMB), although Fridays NYSE posted a $1.61 loss. I have been through at least a case of the product since November.

Not only has my nose been running, I am also run down. My energy level has leveled off and it has been a chore to drag my sorry keister out of bed, down to the MR. Coffee in the kitchen. I have so many things to do, but I just do not have any stamina. I had to miss one day of work last week since I was so weak. I am sure that was due to a sinus infection.

Perhaps the only good to come of this is the bizzare vivid dreams I have been having lately. Last night's show involved hoisting my old computer CRT monitor on my shoulder and moving it. This big old heavy 19" monitor was dragged about a half mile and up and down several flights of steps and I became lost in the new office.

The prior night's episode featured my wife giving me a make-over ala the Queer Eye for the Straight guy show. I have to say I looked fabulous, but was embarrassed to leave the house. Stay tuned for tonight's episode featuring commercial free stories.