Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That Whacky Sovereign Republic of California

Cody Alicea is a 13-year-old  boy that lives in Stanislaus county California.  He was told by Denair Middle School officials that he could not ride to school with a U.S. flag on his bike.  The school's representatives determined the American Flag could be considered offensive to some students, teachers, staff and visitors.  The story was picked up by many major news outlets and gained national attention.

When I was a kid it was a great honor to be chosen to hoist the flag up the pole in the morning and take it down after school.  We would say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning in our classroom.  We would fasten U.S. flags on our bicycles, because we thought they looked cool flapping in the wind.

Due to the overwhelming outcry, (thanks to the lady that attached the schools phone numbers, including their fax) the school changed its mind, and Cody can now fly the flag on the back of his bicycle.

When he rode from his home to school on Monday, he was followed by a parade of people on motorcycles. A military jet flyover was also expected.

"I'd just like to say thanks for the support," Alicea said before his ride.

Officials at the school told Alicea not to display the flag, citing safety concerns. Some students had complained about the display.

Denair Unified School District Superintendent Edward Parraz said the campus recently experienced some racial tension. He said some students got out of hand on Cinco de Mayo. He said some students displayed the Mexican flag, while others displayed American flags.

Parraz said he got calls from halfway around the world about the flag controversy. Some soldiers in Afghanistan called to complain.

John Tyner was hoping to spend a few pleasant days in South Dakota hunting pheasant with his father-in-law.  He went to the San Diego airport to start his trip. In order to board the plane, in this modern age, he had to be inspected by Transportation Safety Administration screeners.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says in a USA Today opinion piece that body scanners used at many airports are safe and the images viewed in private.  Yeah right.  Check out Google and you can find all sorts of airport scanner images.

Mr. Tyner objected to being subjected to radiation and was told he had to face the alternative; a full body physical pat-down.  Tyner objected to this procedure but submitted until the TSA attendant announced he was going to do a groin check.  At which point Tyner yelled, "You touch my junk and I'm going to have you arrested."  All of this was captured on Tyner's phones recorder.

A supervisor arrived on the scene and explained why they had to do groin check process to Tyner and added "If you're not comfortable with that, we can escort you back out and you don't have to fly today."

Tyner responded that he did not understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying.The supervisor said it was not sexual assault.

I beg to differ.  Years ago a friend of mine was shopping at a supermarket when a guy came up behind her and grabbed her crotch.  He was arrested and found guilty of battery and sexual assault.  I'm not understanding the difference.

I understand the reasons behind the new regulations.  However they have gotten way out of hand.  Does anyone think our government officials and VIP airline customers are going to have to face this humiliation?

Will Janet Napolitano be subjected to the offense of having a male TSA attendant to grabbing her butt and who-who?

Tyner was told by Federal Aviation authorities that he could be fined $10,000 and subjected to a civil suit.

He was given the option of submitting to the search or not flying.  He chose the latter.  He was then whisked away by airport police to the American Airlines ticket counter and his money was refunded from his non-refundable ticket.

Two hours after this he had posted the audio of the encounter on YouTube and on his blog.  By the next morning the blog had over 70,000 hits and 488 comments.

Today's news headline are even worse!  TSA is announcing screener will be putting their hands inside your pants or dress. Oooooooooooo!  That is totally gross.

TSA head, Mike Aguilar states the fine now is up to $11,000 plus civil penalties.  I wonder if they have to pat you down and put you through a nekkid scanner at Greyhound or Amtrak?

In San Diego a high school principal is being criticized for refusing to allow an ambulance to drive onto a football field to help and injured player.  14 year old Keanu Gallardo suffered a severe concussion during a football game on October 29th.

Apparently the field is brand new and principal Liz Seabury was ordered to keep motorized vehicles off the grass. The principal took her orders to heart and blocked an ambulance from going on the field to assess the boy's condition and escort him to the hospital.

The rescuers had to haul a gurney 75 yards down field and 75 feet back to the vehicle; on grass.

The school board is blaming the principal for misunderstanding their order was only meant for private or school vehicles.  The board stated the first responders should have overridden the principals order.  The principal is placing blame on the board for not clarifying their statement.

An emergency room nurse stated that it probably did not affect the outcome of the students health, but added you never know in head trauma.  It could have been bad.

Mrs. Gallardo is demanding an apology.  The situation is being investigated to determine if there is any fault for the principals actions.

The infuriated community cannot understand why Seabury chose protecting property over a child's health.  I have to side with that community.

But understand we are talking California.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weird, Weird Toys

I was surfing the Internet and reading a legitimate news story when an article popped up called Toys That Will Warp Your Child.  When I tried to find the article it was gone.  But I managed to piece together some of the toys.  Enjoy and be amazed.

I think I had a dog like this one.

A serious Democratic and world view of our President.

Racing Grannies. I've seen these at Borders Bookstore.

It's hard enough keeping kids from playing with their food. Now this!

This is a fine example of raising your daughter in the 21st Century

I bet the daddy wasn't Ken.

Words fail me.

Shave the baby????

I know it's supposed to be Winnie the Pooh and a bee hive, but....

This is a " 'gotta' bring the boy up right" kind of toy for manly men.

 Horrified B-Movie Victims. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Suggested pose

Everyone needs a Chicken that lays bubblegum eggs.

This one is from Mr. MacGregor Industries.

This toy is bound to give a kid nightmares.

This is Barbies second cousin, Dolly Parton Hatfield.

These are all real toys.  I can't make this stuff up. Besides it's on the Internet, so it has to be true.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The Old Asian/Caucasian Switch-a-roo!

On October 29th young man was intercepted at the airport in Vancouver British Columbia after he boarded a flight from Hong Kong dressed as an elderly white man.

Border Agency officials took the man into custody before passengers were permitted to deboard the Air Canada plane.

While in custody the man made a claim for refugee protection.  Due to liberal government policies of Canada, his wish might be honored.

So let me get this straight. An elderly caucasian man boarded the 12 hour flight in Hong Kong and emerged as a young Asian fellow.

During the flight alert crew members noted that his hands were rather young looking.  Did they stop to think he may have used Palmolive Dish Liquid or Oil of Olay?

In any event the elderly man made his way the washroom and when he emerged...he was a young Asian man.  But perhaps...

It was a miracle!~Whoop - whoop - A-mah-loo-yah!  Elderly white people are changed into young Asians. A sign of the Apocalypse. My friend put your hands on this blog and feel the purple radiance from above.

What actually happened was this guy had worn a very convincing silicone head and neck mask along with glasses, brown sweater and a cap. 

He purchased the disguise on the internet. The masks sell for between $700 and $2300.  A price the Lone Ranger could not afford.

He had also switched boarding passes with a man before getting on board the aircraft. He has not been identified and is being held on immigration detention.

Let us hope terrorists do not see this story or we might be reading about the Depends bomber.