Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Unique Guitar Blog - Over 2 Million Served

Over Two Million Served!!

The Statistics Page
 In 2009 I started The Unique Guitar Blog to share knowledge of what I had learned over nearly fifty years of playing, studying and learning about guitars.

My very first article was about an antique guitar that Linny bought me one year for Christmas. From there it has blossomed into nearly 300 essays about different instruments, their manufacturers and players.

Possibly the best part of my blog is the kind notes that I have received from people all over the world who read about an instrument and are touched enough to share their stories with me.

I recall my correspondence with a Brit whose father built guitars out of matchsticks, another note from a Norwegian fellow who told me a great story about his family and friends pitching in to surprise him with a bass guitar similar to one he owned as a boy. I received a long note from the daughter of a Maryland man that built electric guitars that became fairly popular in the mid 1960’s and her remembrances. A man whose father started The Melobar Guitar company wrote me some kind words regarding what I wrote. Chris Hamilton, who builds guitars out of steel sent me a lot of information and I still hear from him. Raybob Bowman, an old friend builds wonderful guitar amplifiers was kind enough to let me review his products. I recently received a sweet note from a girl who was searching for information about her deceased father, who was a bass player. She thanked me for my kind words about him. Folksinger and Woodsongs Host Michael Johnathan sent me a nice email. I’ve even received a note from Marc Farner of Grand Funk Railroad for my piece on Messenger guitars and so many more kind words.

This morning I logged into the blog to finish up an article. On the statistics page I was pleasantly surprised that I have received over 2 million page views! Who would have thought?