Tuesday, June 29, 2010


News Bulletin!

PETA, people for ethical treatment of animals, that liberal, vegan, anti-meat eating, as-much-free-publicity-as-one-can-possibly obtain fun-bunch, that occasionally place un-clad ladies in cages as a form of protest has offered their assistance in resurrecting the Big Butter Jesus statue in front of Solid Rock Church. PETA will pay for the new statue.

But…and this is quite a big But…The statue must say, “Blessed are the Merciful. Go Vegan” and have Jesus holding a lamb.

Solid Rock Church was savvy enough to know Jesus was not a vegan. You may recall HE served up an excellent fish dinner.

The church declined the offer.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Act Of God

Touch Down Jesus – Big Butter Jesus; call it what you will.  The 62 foot statue of the head, arms and upper torso of Jesus that stands in front of Solid Rock Church was struck by lightening last night and has totally burned to the ground.

All that remains is a metal skeletal base.

 This statue stood along north bound Interstate 75, just south of the Monroe Ohio exit. It was considered by some to be an icon of our Lord and Savior and by other an eyesore. Say what you will, IMO it was a statue, that’s for certain.

Ironically the local fire department has declared this to be an act of God.

Monday, June 07, 2010

You Can Own The Amazing Obama Magic Eight Ball

Yes, it's true! You can own this authentic replica of the same magic orb our President uses to make important national and international policy decisions.

This remarkable device was used in the creation the Nation's New Healthcare Law.  It was used to assist in determining military strategy in Afghanistan. It was even used  to determine the toppings on the Presidential pizza.

Your Obama Policy Making Magic Eight Ball comes in a colorful container with the Presidential Seal and an embossed image of the forty-fouth President of the United States.

But wait! Included is a certified document showing this is a genuine, authentic replica of the Obama Administration Policy Making Magic Eight Ball.

Order now! These are limited edition Magic Eight balls. Supplies are limited.

Only 10,000 will be offered.  So supplies are limited.

Buy extra for family and friends. This is sure to be collectible. Act now!