Sunday, March 08, 2015

Ju Les Ver Negre En Cheese

This is one of my favorite Noel Stookey songs. It is from his first solo album Paul and…. The song sounds like Noel aka Paul is singing in a foreign language; perhaps French, but he is not. I want to thank the fellow on the internet that posted this explanation.

Full Lyrics - Just change the spacing, it's all in English, or Russian and German names (transliterated into English), with the occasional la la, or added vowel or consonant, to allow it to be remotely pronounceable as a song (a quite pleasant little ditty, in all truth). To wit the lyrics as written: 

Gagar inale xe 
Ileon ovlu nikth reeze, rogas cendin 
Gno de Claire, de Lunem 
Arehy per bori umva nall eradia tiondi 
Urnal libra ti onarte mus 
Count? Dow nandge minied "Wardwhit" ecavor! 
Ite sa turnfi velo-vell Teresko Vajames M.C.D. 
I , Vittand ju, liussch midy "com" 
Mandmo dule doer fulmoun 

Tainsrob ertgod, dardret rorock et high! 
dry denlif toffand luna cybluem oon peri 
Lunebail lysbe ads bishop 
Franc isgod, winandt hetid, albul gesun 
riseter minat orco brahea danddon 
Alds lay tonspla shdownsput 
Nikallsy stems "Gooce anofs" torm swalt ersch irramis 
Si oncon trolf lyme, tot hemo onsur 
Veyore clipsemad? 
Lerand beergor; Doncoo, Perran, Gerseven, Whern 
Ervon B. Raunro, gerch affeesay ro gerch affeeal 
Anshe pherd bar rycen, terse ro gerch affeeal 

Aofnec. Tarjo hannke plarla, lat mi nus 
Fi vendco unting carpen? 
Tercape kenne dyo negi antlea 
Pformank indlala! 
Ju les ver negre, en cheese 
Ju les ver negre, en cheese 
Ju les ver negre, en cheese 

Now, wait a bit, then, Pouf! 
Presto-Change-O and it becomes: 

Gagarin alexei leonov 
lunik three zero g ascending node 
Claire de Lune mare hyperborium 
van allen radiation diurnal libration 
artemus Count Down and gemini 
edward white cavorite saturn five 
lovell Tereskova james M.C. DiVitt 
and Julius schmidt command module door 
full mountains robert goddard 
retro rocket high dryden 
liftoff and lunacy 
blue moon perilune bailly's beads 
bishop Francis godwin and the tidal bulge 
sun rise terminator tyco brahea 
and donald slayton 
splash down sputnik all systems go 
ocean of storms walter schirra 
mission control 
fly me to the moon s 
urveyor eclipse adler 
and beer gordon cooper 
ranger seven, Werner von Braun 
roger chaffee say roger chaffee 
alan shepherd barry centers 
roger chaffee la la 
of nectar johann keplar 
la la at minus five 
and counting carpenter 
cape kennedy one giant leap 
for mankind la la 
Jules verne green cheese 
Jules verne green cheese 
Jules verne green cheese