Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vito's Restaurant

Last night we celebrated Mother's Day a day early. We took Mom to Vito's. It is a place here in town that features singing waiters and waitresses doing all your Broadway favorites plus some classic Italian songs.

It's run by a nice lady and her overbearing obnoxious husband, Vito.

Vito seems to be either an ex-singer-actor or a singer-actor wannabe. If they ever do a remake of Popeye, he would be an excellent choice to play Bluto. He is large and has a bushy beard and long hair with a ponytail. Vito is a bully. If central casting is reading this, Vito is your Bluto. Write to me and I'll put you in touch with him. But I digress.

I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were a captive audience, since we put our dinner orders in shortly after 7:30 pm and were committed to pay for the meals or perhaps the kitchen staff were required to come out and sing their numbers, therefore forcing them to miss their prime objective of actually preparing food, but whatever the case we were not served until after 9:30 pm. And the food was cold. My dinner was missing and did not arrive for another 15 minutes. I would have loved to have some cheese on my spaghetti and meatballs, but none was offered.

Why am I so perturbed? Well, around about 9:15 we were growing hungry. No, scratch that. Around 9:15 we were absolutely ravenous. Maestro Vito came out to see how we were enjoying the music. We said the music was fine but what we would really like was some dinner. One of our party, who is a retired pastor mentioned we put our order in at 7:30 pm which was historically two hours in the past. Vito sharpened his tongue and with some ire in his voice said, "No you didn't put your order in at 7:30!. I looked at your ticket and it said you ordered at 8:20 pm. We are busy tonight!" In other words, "Mister Reverend-Sir, you are a lying sack of monkey-poo. This is My restaurant. I'll feed you when I damn well feel like it. Shut up and quit bothering me and listen to my highly trained and well-educated vocal stylings."

So Vito does not exactly excel in providing customer service.

If he happens to come across this thread may I make a suggestion? Berating and accusing is no way to treat cusotomers. It certainly does not set them up for a return visit to your bistro.

After offending 15 customers that had the expectation of a fairly nice evening, Vito put on a Greek fisherman's hat and launched into his version of Tevye singing Tradition. And all this while, I thought Fiddler was about Russian Jews. I am so stupid.

It is just my oppinion, however from my experience I would encourage anyone interested in a nice evening of music and dinner to go anywhere but Vito's.

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