Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wiener Nation

Dr. Michael Savage PHD is the host of a popular conservative network radio talk show called the Savage Nation.

The man has a lead an incredibly diverse life as a social worker, biologist, botanist, world traveler and doctor of nutritional ethnomedicine (whatever that is?), author of best selling books under his pseudonym and many tomes under his given name.

He has been friends with such liberal people as Timothy Leary, Allan Ginsberg, Stephen Schwartz and yet his conservative views and dialogue have brought him prominence with the Right side of the isle. Although his roots are from conservative Russian Judaism, he professes no religion and his books are sold in Christian bookstores.

Occasionally I listen to his radio diatribe. I agree with much of his view points, yet sometimes his acerbic and acid-like remarks can be hurtful, unnecessary and however well meaning are at times just plain stupid.

He began his radio career by submitting a mock talk show demo tape to a San Francisco radio station and was given a fill-in job. Later a competing radio station recognized his quality and hired him for a full time program. His network radio talk show draws in up to 10 million listeners each day.

His fascination of a 19Th century sailor, Charlie Savage, that first brought firearms to Fiji provided his radio pseudonym.

His views can be summed up by three words, Borders, Language and Culture.
He believes America needs to maintain and protect it's borders and evict all who are here through illegal means.

He believes English to be the language of American and that all Americans who live and work in the USA should use English. Likewise all USA citizens should be proud of our culture and all newcomers should adapt to the US culture.

I admire the man for his accomplishments. I agree with some of his viewpoints.

But I have to ask the question that no one else has dared to pose.

Would his talk show be as popular if it were called The Wiener Nation?

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