Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Michael Jackson who proclaimed himself The King Of Pop has left the building. It is terrible that he was only 50 years old when he died. If I was a betting man, I'd bet the truth is never told about the cause of his death. Healthy people just don't have heart attacks at age 50.

The media has now provided an onslaught of Michael Jackson. You get ready to watch your favorite episode of CSI or Law & Order and it's pre-empted by a Michael Jackson interview that was done three years ago. Cable news quit talking about anything but Michael Jackson. Flip on the radio, it's all Michael, all the time. The newspaper and online news have a new Michael Jackson update every day.

We are told that Michael Jackson was a musical genius. There will never be anyone again like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was the world's greatest dancer. Michael Jackson gave the Black Man hope. Michael Jackson sold more records than anyone.

Excuse me if I don't join in the platitudes. Michael Jackson was not a musical genius. He was very intuitive in what sounds were popular. He could put words to those sounds and he could sing a line to a musician so the guitarist or keyboard player could interpret it. Amadeus Mozart was a musical genius. Ludwig Van Beethoven was a musical genius. J. Sebastian Bach was a musical genius. Michael Jackson was not a musical genius. I have my doubts that he was the world's greatest dancer. But then again, I know nothing about dancing. And I don't think Michael Jackson had been Black for years.

The fact is, Michael Jackson slept with little boys! He even admitted that he slept with little boys. Although he claimed nothing sexual happened when he was with these children, this was wrong in so many ways.

In my opinion Michael Jackson's legacy was to show us what it is like to have lots of money and blow it on useless crap. Whether you are Black or White, if you are blessed with the ability to earn a fortune in your lifetime, please hold up Michael Jackson as an example of what not to do.

I am sorry for his family and children that he has passed away so young. I wonder if Neverland will become Graceland West. Elvis' estate is earning more money than Elvis ever did.


Michael Watson said...

It's quite funny to hear you speak of a man you do not know personally. I'm pretty sure you know that the media is the biggest set of hypocrites on the face of the planet. They slander the names of all those on top, especially those who have transcended normalcy. Michael Jackson, unlike Elvis, Beethoven, Bach, or Mr. Lennon had an inner power like none other. There is no doubt that the other men you mentioned could put a crowd in a frenzy, however if you ever watched Michael perform, there are moments where he will strike a pose and people loose their minds. People cry, faint and ambulances are always on the scene. He commanded crowds in ways I have never scene of any of the men you mentioned. His music was simplistic so that every man woman and child could listen. There was more soul and passion in it.

How is it that children and babies automatically gravitate to his sound? It's the pureness in his music. It puts you on your feet, makes you cry and dream of a better place, plus his music has no gender or race, it has passion and purpose. His sound is neutral and unlike any other. It’s not pop, jazz, rock or hip hop, it’s everything, and because of it’s mixed media, it belongs in a category of it’s own. Him believing in a better place, allowed his music to speak on these issues. His music got you on your feet better than any of the men you mentioned and it was insanely versatile. His musicality as a child is unmatched till this very day, and the sound he created as an adult, is similar to no one. He used the instruments of the time in his own way. He was the J.C Leyendecker of his time. A genius, that was so simple, it was beyond genius. So what he didn’t play an instrument, his voice was his instrument, and with that he could hum and hash out any melody he needed. He grew up around the greatest musicians of all time under Motown. Motown had a sound unmatched, so how could he ever be considered less of a genius. What makes him incredible is the fact that the white population adored him and his creations, as well as rest of the world. Elvis and Mr. Lennon didn’t do this in the same way. Their music is more popular with white listeners. Michael Jackson however is popular with all listeners, even cultures in Africa, Asia, Europe, Cuba, Japan, Australia, and many other places these other guys could not reach. Not because there weren’t any radios, people couldn’t take to it. Could you imagine folks in Africa or Brazil listening to Elvis or John Lennon? I’m sorry, but these are cultures that love to dance with soul. Bach though impressive, would not flourish here. I travel a lot, and I hear way more Michael Jackson than any of the men you mentioned. I hear him in bars, schools, at picnics, outings, roller rinks, on the elevator, and most importantly in the communities of various ethnic groups both white and other. His music is more up beat and ready to be received, the men you mentioned have great music, but their sound is sometimes only meant for personal and private listening excluding Mr. Lennon and Elvis; still their sound is no match for Michael. If you play their music amongst people who have no clue who they are, meaning children (who are the most honest and untainted), I’m positive you will see Michael come out on top. You can try it yourself, seriously. When kids first start dancing, it isn’t after seeing an elvis or John Lennon music video, it’s after they see a Michael Jackson music video. Look at all the folks in the music industry that Michael has inspired to be there. Who are their idols; Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown and other powerful entertainers. I have heard Mr. Lennon’s name mentioned but not even as much as Kurt Cobain, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumkins (Billy Corgan), and Madonna.

Michael Watson said...

Michael Jackson was far richer than any of the artist you mentioned, so it is questionable that a man in such good health who is on his way to take over a billion-dollar company, Sony, all of a sudden drops dead of a heart attack. Michael was a genius far beyond music. This is what makes him incomparable to the men you mentioned. He thought far beyond them, and far beyond music. He worked his industry far beyond these guys and always landed on top. Why else would the media go after him? He’s a black man that has gotten way to powerful for his own good, and as far as sleeping with children, excuse my bluntness, but unless you are Michael Jackson’s dick, you can’t say what he has done in his life time. Michael was a huge fan of Peter Pan and Loving the world. He’s the only guy I know that has a monkey as a pet and an entire zoo behind his house. It makes since why he lived the way he lived. Break it down through what he has lived. He is a product of the music industry period. His entire life has been lived there. Unlike Lennon and Elvis. They had time to grow outside of music before they made it big. Michael was singing and performing before he was 10. He had no one to tell him the way society really behaves or what was wrong or right. He led a life of fantasy simply because he had the money to do so. So it only makes since why his ideas of what was socially acceptable and not socially acceptable was so warped. He had no boundaries, who is going to tell Michael he’s wrong? Who’s going to tell Woody Allen that he’s wrong for being with his step daughter? No body! Perhaps if Michael Jackson was sleeping with little girls we wouldn’t take this situation so seriously, maybe that’s what society wants to see. I mean it is socially acceptable to be with any age woman a man wants to be with, but that’s not the same for woman.

I also find it interesting that all the children, including Macaulay Culkin, recanted their accusations of Michael touching them upon his death. Sadly, Michael put himself in a situation where he could easily be taken advantage of. If I say I lay in the bed with children, especially if I’m a man, I would be thought of as molesting the children. If I were a woman, chances are I would not have the same feedback. Since Michael slept in the same bed as the children, he was easy pickings. So what’s the big deal if I say you touched my kid, your only going to loose a couple million… so what, you’ll make it back.

Michael Watson said...

Sadly, that’s not the case; his career was completely destroyed, on purpose. His “naive” thinking was used to slander his name. It’s sad that he could not go down as the ultimate entertainer he was, but it’s funny how after his death, all of the media outlets that referred to him as Wacko Jacko, and a pedophile all jumped on the boat to uphold his name once he was deceased. So if you believe the media when they said he did harm those children, shouldn’t you believe them now that they say he didn’t? I’ll let you decide if the media’s testimony you refer to is something you believe wholeheartedly. The media is a cash cow, it makes money where there is chaos, not by telling you the truth or by being positive. Plus the media is owned… So do you really trust what you listen to? You’re a writer, do more research, go out there and find it. Don’t be lazy.

Now I don’t know how selling tickets came into existence, but if that’s what they want to do, fuck it. It’s their choice. It’s not like any of the men you speak of gave tons of free concerts. I’m pretty sure you had to pay to see them when they were alive, why not pay to see them when they are deceased; are they of any less value? They are making money off the deceased just like any other museum would. It’s clever marketing. Prince does it all the time. Try to listen to some Prince music on Spotify, or YouTube? I bet you can’t find it. Great artist don’t give himself or herself away for free. If you were a business owner would you sell your merchandise for free? No you’d be out of business the next day. So, like Prince, the Jackson’s aren’t giving anything up for free.