Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Nixon Pose

I saw Obama give a speech on Healthcare the other day. Whoa there's a surprise, the man gives at least two speeches every day if not more.

Anyway, he greeted his audience with both arms outstretched in the air, which got me to thinking about Nixon.

Nixon was famous for this pose. For those of you that are young'uns', the two up-raised fingers was the sign for peace, back in the day.

The pose is reminicent of the cruxifiction but without the messy nail scarred hands, bleeding and dying. Obama seems to like it. H'mm makes you wonder about his character.

I don't know if this greeting has a name, but by order of the power vested in me and to the republic for which I stand I hereby declare this to be the Official Nixon pose.

Some ladies like to use this pose as well.

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