Friday, September 25, 2009

Sand Animation - Nazi Invasion of The Ukraine

Hitler invaded the Soviet Russian Provence of The Ukraine in 1941 under Operation Barbarossa. This was a German attempt to wrest control of a nation that was rich in agriculture from the Russians. During this invasion one in four Ukrainians were savagely murdered by German troops.

The following video is from the TV show, "Ukraine's Got Talent". Yes, there is such a show. The usual winner for America's Got Talent or Britain's Got Talent is someone who sings and perhaps dances. However Kysenia Siminova's specialty is sand art or sand animation. She does this by putting sand on a light box and creating wonderful caricatures.

This sequence depicts the Nazi invasion of the Ukraine. Although I cannot read the final words, I can tell you 1945 is the year that WWII ended and the war was over.

By watching the audience and the judges reaction you can tell these people have not forgotten history (as is the case in the much of the United States).

The video is as amazing as it is touching.

(Click on the second button from the right for a full screen view.)

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