Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Healthcare Guidelines

I read the news today oh boy!

This past week we saw two topics in the United States news.

1. Mammograms are not required for women under 50 years of age.

2. Pap smears should not be done on an annual basis. But should only be done once every three years.

Now I don't know what you read into this. But what I believe is this is shades of things to come due to the Democratic proposed Health care legislation. I think they are floating these two topics in the media to see what kind of reaction they receive.

My thoughts are that if we had eliminated annual Pap smears my wife would not be here. If women had to wait until 50 to have mammograms, my sister-in-law would not be here.

These are both exceptionally bad ideas. Shame on the Government and Healthcare system for proposing these changes.

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