Monday, December 21, 2009


1. Buying lottery tickets as Christmas presents.

2. The movie theaters that are opened on Christmas Day.

3. Mickey Mouse and Disney lighteed Christmas yard displays

4. Bob Dylan's Christmas CD

5. The people that wait until the day after Christmas to do all their Christmas shopping.

6. The retail businesses that stay opened on Christmas and force their employees to not spend the day with their families.

7. Cartons of Cigarette with printed Christmas packaging. This used to be a cheap present, but not anymore.

8. The Hairy Simian Chorus. Yep, that's the name. They sing The Little Drummer Boy. A song with way too many Pah-rumpy-pump-pums to suit me!

9. The song "Santa Baby" A tune in which one can't tell if they are celebrating the birth of Jesus or the birth of Marilyn Monroe?

10. All the Christian sects that prevent their children from celebrating the day and getting presents.


Welcome To Dreamsville Records said...

Marilyn never recorded "Santa Baby". The version is jazz crooner and actress, Cynthia Basinet.

Find her on iTunes and Amazon.

"Hurry down the chimney tonite..."

MarcO said...

First of all thank you Dreamsville Records for checking out my blog. I am sincerely honored when someone reads my ramblings. I was not certain who originally sang Santa Baby. I know Madonna recorded it, but I have heard Ms. Basinet's version which in my opinion is superior. It a nice song, the arrangement is excellent and Ms. Basinet is blessed with a terrific voice, but I just view Christmas songs differently. But you know it is a big world and diversity makes us much more interesting. Best wishes and Merry Christmas, Marc O'Hara