Friday, May 14, 2010

I Read The News Today Oh Boy

You can't make this stuff up.

Never...I repeat NEVER steal crayons at CVS Pharmacy!

Anthony Kyser was killed after he was caught by an alert and rather overbearing CVS drug store employee who spotted Mr. Kyser filling his pockets with crayons and toothpaste.

This past Saturday morning the employee went after Kyser and made a citizens arrest.  When Kyser resisted, the un-named employee put Kyser in a choke hold. Mr. Kyser later died. The medical examiner ruled it a homicide.

No charges have been filed against the store employee.  Now members of the Chicago community are up in arms against the Chicago Police for ignoring a homicide.  Kyser's ex-wife Ann Marie Balboa said she wants justice served.

"I want the man that killed my ex-husband to pay for what he did," she said.

Allow me to translate the above sentence. "I want that man that killed the wife-beatin', 40 ounce guzzlin', lyin', cheatin' low down thief that I kicked out of my house, I want that man that offed my ol' man to pay me 'cause I deserve it. In fact CVS is a big company with deep pockets. They should be payin' me too."

The police initially said it was accident. But the department late Thursday issued a statement saying it has an "active" investigation open.

And this just in;

A month long under-cover investigation nets an 87 year-old grandma for selling crack cocaine to undercover police. 

Ola Mae Agee aka Nannah was collared after the Escambia County Sheriff's Office targeted her dealing drugs out of her Pensacola Florida home.

She later was release on her own recognizance after telling police, "I was just fixin' up a batch of The Remedy.  Honest, I would never do nothing wrong. No sir."

Let's head South to;

Beautiful Sandy Springs Georgia, where the town motto is:

We Don't Cotton Up to no Terrorists, 'specially Them Damned Yankees!"

A fourteen-year-old autistic boy is facing terrorist charges after alert teachers procurred a drawing the young lad made. 

The sketch shows two stick-figures. One is labeled "Me" and the other "Mr. Harfman" who is the precocious little skamp's teacher.

Mother Karen Finn says that her son, 8th grader Shane Finn, doesn’t understand why he is in trouble. She says the boy is autistic and has the mental capacity of a 3rd grader.

Troubled officials at Ridgeview Charter School say the student will face a  tribunal.

Although not Mirandized, young Shane is charged with making terrorist threats. 

This troubles me.  We have to Mirandize actual terrorist and we cannot make them face a military tribunal, yet an Eighth grade austistic child can be dragged in front of a schools tribunal.

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