Thursday, June 02, 2011


When I was a kid, the most popular weiners in Cincinnati were made by Kahn's Meats.  Their slogan was "The Weiner, the World, Awatied."

As of late, that seems to be the news of the day.  Congressman Anthony Weiner is accused of showing off his on Twitter.  The news outlets could utilize that same catch phrase. 

Weiner will not say the weiner in question is his little member of Congress.  In fact, in the latest news videos, he appears to be interviewing for the Ice Capades, since he is skating around the issue so much.  He claims that he has begun an investigation to see about this leak.

Perhaps the reason he does not want to discuss the issue is because it is such a little news story.

We all will await to see if the news on this case pricks up.

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