Friday, August 05, 2011

Sir Paul

Beatle Paul McCartney played to a sell out audience of 41,500 folks in Cincinnati last night.  Tickets started at $95. The best seats were $225. Sh'eesh!  Who can afford it?

The review was good. Sir Paul (which we have to call him, since he was knighted for paying so many pounds into HM Internal Revenue) rocked for three hours non-stop.  That is pretty good, since I cannot go that long without having to visit the mens room.

This was a first for Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park as a large concert venue.

The field was covered with huge sections of plastic that protected the turf and gave concert goers the ability to be seated on the field.

A massive stage was erected that housed two 118-foot video screens. Plus the sound quality was excellent.

I'm glad that Cincinnatians and Northern Kentuckians had such a great time.

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