Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and through the White House,
not a creature was stirring, ‘cause the trap got the mouse.
The Obama’s flew off on their plane, Air Force One,
to spend time in Hawaii while enjoying the sun.
The taxpayers financed this vacation boondoggle,
to beaches where Clinton would be prone to oggle.

While the U. S. leans off of the Fiscal Cliff,
Barak plays it cool and does not seem to twitch.
“It’s the Republican’s fault, with their damned millionaires.
They should cough up more taxes,
And pay their fair share.”

I turned on CNN and the news on FOX too,
and heard voices expounding on their point of view.
Hannity and Maddow were in a debate,
While America hoped that it was not too late.

Then Boehner offered up a Plan B compromise,
Ol’ Barak turned him down and then rolled his eyes.
The Market was falling, Wall Street was concerned.
The nervous investors didn’t want to get burned.

The House and the Senate just gave up the fight,
And said let’s go home, someone turn off the light.
Lobbyists left on their Christmas vacation,
No one was left in charge of our nation,

But old Harry Reid and Pelosi too,
Called an impromptu press conference attended by few.
“On taxes, entitlements, On foreign hand outs.
On running up debt, On financial doubt.
We can borrow from China and print out some more cash.
Things are under control, there is no need to slash.
Now dash it all, dash it all and say Yes We Can.
No need to worry, Barak is the Man.”

And what did to my wondering eyes did appear,
Jay Carney on TV with a smirk and a sneer.
“Suck it up Buttercup ‘cause we’re taking a tumble.
It’s Republians fault the economy did stumble.
Barak’s Administration inherits this mess,
Did you expect us to fix it in four years or less?”

Jay’s eyes were all blood-shot; He’d been at it all night.
He was spinning a tale to provoke and delight.
More rapid than eagles, the questions they came.
Jay knew all the press corps by their first name.

Jay sprang from the stage as he said, “That is all.”
While Limbaugh hoped that he’d trip and he’d fall.
And I heard him exclaim as he walked out of the room.
Merry Christmas? Heck no!
It is all gloom and doom.

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