Saturday, July 19, 2014

My 20 Rules Of Life

Gibbs has them. Clergy have them. And Marc has them too. These are Rules of Life. You cannot dispute them because they are all true and have been so for so many years. These will never change.

1. You daughter or son will go out with the wrong guy or girl.

2. People enjoy wearing ridiculous things on their head.

3. People love to paint their bodies, sometimes permanently.

4. Everyone must wear the Monkey Suit.

5. There are people who are born to be asses. This is their destiny. Ignore them.

6. There are people who are usually in groups that march in an odd manner, kills in the name of god and treat women and children like chattel or worse and do everything 'fearless leader' tells them to do. These people are the enemy. Beware of them.

7. People love to get into groups and do things they would not do outside of the group.

8. Children have no rights.

9. The only universal language is music.

10. Communication at best is usually dysfunctional.

11. People like bitter as much as they like sweet.

12. There are people who believe their goal in life is to create disturbance in your mind. These people are dangerous. Stay away from them.

13. There are people who want to pull you down to the pit in which they exist. Stay away from them.

14. There are people that believe they are mystical and can foresee the future and change the future. These people are neither mystical or prophetic. They are hopeful or they are politicians and they are usually incorrect.

15. Everyone wants to see someone naked and are usually disappointed.

16. Some people have jobs. Other people have careers, but they are really jobs.

17. It does not matter what your race or national origin is, all babies sound the same.

18. It is alright to have roll models, to aspire to be like someone you respect; but do not hold them up as idols.

19. There are some people who have no soul, who are intrinsically evil. You cannot change them. Not ever. Avoid them.

20. Cages have a good purpose sometimes.

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