Saturday, March 24, 2007


Whoop-whoop! Hallelujah Flock, Can I get a big Amen?


Now I wancha’ all turnin’ with me in The Book to First Balonians Chapter 12, verse 1 and read along.

And it came to pass that there was this here school bus driver that had passed on and was entering into life eternal. At the Pearly Gates he was greeted by Saint Peter himself and the great Saint presented him with lovely gifts. The kind of gifts that could not be had on the Home Shopping Network or QVC. The School Bus Driver was given a set of molting angel wings and a bent-up halo and an out-of-tune harp that was a Pacific-Rim knock-off of a brand name harp.

Well the School Bus Driver was disappointed with the gifts bestowed upon him, but was glad that he made it to his Reward Eternal. He spent his days walking up and down the streets of gold, flappin’ his wings and pluckin’ his out of tune harp.

Then one day he spotted someone familiar lookin’. Yessir, the fellow he saw was wearin’ a brand new set of the finest wings you ever saw. He had on a solid gold Stetson halo and had a 12 string harp with a maple neck and a sunburst body specially made by the custom shop of Fender guitars of Corona California. And he recognized this fellow to be the nastiest, meanest, worst school bus driver. I mean he was not just a bad man, but a bad driver as well.

So our School Bus Driver went directly to those Pearly Gates and demanded to see Saint Peter.

“Saint Peter,” said the School Bus Driver, “All my life I obeyed the traffic laws. I was cautious in driving the little children hither and yon. And I was the epitome of courtesy to all. And what do I get? I get a lousy set of molting wings, a bent up halo and a harp made in Indonesia that won’t even stay in tune. And that Bad School bus driver over there was mean to everyone and drove his bus like a mad man. Yet he gets a brand new solid gold Stetson halo, a brand new set of wings and a custom made Fender 12 string harp. It ain’t fair I tell you!”

“My son, my son,” says Saint Peter in a thick Italian accent.

“Yes you were courteous and a wonderful driver and you were welcomed into Life Eternal.

But this man, the nasty School Bus Driver, I tell you because of the way he scared all of the little children by his terrible driving and bad attitude, because of this, everyday they all turned to God and prayed Oh Lord protect me and deliver me to Your Kingdom. Therefore this man turned more souls to God than you ever did and he has been justly rewarded.”

Thus ends today’s readin’ Flock. I wancha’ now all standin’ and turnin’ in your hymnals to page 125 as we sing...

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