Wednesday, March 21, 2007


In this day and age we have overcome many obstacles of the past and are able to be virtually undected. Witness the Stealth fighter plane and the Stealth bomber. Both can fly over an enemy country unnoticed by radar or the naked eye and hit their target and escape without being seen.

Or military has trained snipers to dress in camoflage suits, strike their target and slip off as if they were invisible.

We can see more day to day methods of the American public displaying stealth. May I present these examples.

This man standing inocently in front of his trailer is busy fileting his catch of fish on a bright sunny day.

Only the trained scientific eye can tell he is drinking beer. Until now this has never been revealed, but a simple brown paper bag has secret properties that make beer virtually invisible to the police and wives. I'll bet you never knew that.

Of course this young lady's crib notes make it virtually impossible for the proctor to determine that she is cheating based on the fact that he is busy leering at her tasty morsels.

The car on the far right is virtually undetectable as it runs through a red light. This is due to the stealth attachments the owner has purchased from the back pages of an automotive magazine.

Not even my own trained eye can detect that this fellow doesn't have a hair on his head. Yep, he's got a rug on his noggin! That is true stealth.

And here's another fellow displaying more of the stealth that has made mankind great.
I cannot tell he is balding. Can you?

And let's not leave out the ladies. The first thing you notice about this beautiful young lady is her incredibly big brown eyes. That is because her eye's are distracting you from what is not covered. Uh' you are looking at her eyes, aren't you?

And of course here is a couple of photos that prove that the fair sex has stealth down to an art.

This famous Country music star has transformed herself from this... this.

That is stealth at it's best!

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