Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Male Leg Hair Pattern Baldness

I remember when I hit puberty I was deeply concerned about this strange body hair that took over my body much like The Birds took over Bodega Bay back in 1963.

For the next 25 years I was covered in hair. Well it wasn't a hair suit like some swarthy European fellow. But it was manly. I had hair on my head, face, chest, pits, naughty bits and legs.

As I reach my 55th year I fear that I have fallen victim to Male Pattern Leg Hair baldness. I am now much like these girls my wife used to go to school with.

You know, the girls that never shaved their thighs. They just shaved their calves, since that's all that stuck out below their skirts. Those young ladies had more hair on their upper legs than I now have. Heck, even my pit crop has become whispy.

It's no small wonder that old guys in shorts look like they have such spindley looking legs. It's because their legs are bald!

I wonder if their is a Leg Hair Club For Men?

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