Thursday, August 23, 2007

What I Found At The Book Store

I love to go to the book store. It's better than the library because I don't have to sit near some smelly bum that uses it as a place to nap. Usually I visit Barnes & Nobles or Borders.

Generally these stores are not located near places that smelly bums tend to congregate and they must not tolerate them hanging out at these stores since I seldom see or smell bums there. Although I do occasionally encounter an elderly patchouli wearing hippie at Barnes & Nobles.

I check out magazines to determine what I don't want to buy, while my wife looks for craft books and magazines. We can spend several hours reading the latest news on our varied interests.

One thing that has always astounded me is who publishes some of the rubbish found in today's magazines. I've actually seen the following titles: Stuff Magazine, Another Indie Music Magazine, Modern Ratchet Wrench Journal.

And then there was this one that I ran across yesterday. I guess when there is a buck to be made, these publishers must pander to different interest groups.

Here is one of the advertisements from that magazine.

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