Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Hate TV Today

When I was a kid I loved watching television. My Grandma left me her old Zenith because she knew how much I enjoyed TV. I recall staying home some days and watching my black and white TV in a dark room until I got a headache. I don't even think they make black and white televisions any longer.

Since I've been laid up, I've watched more TV than usual. No small wonder this current generation is so messed up.

I saw a show about morbidly obese people that checked themselves into a weight loss clinic in New York City.

I have no idea how these people paid for the treatment. Some of them lived there for years. It was a golden opportunity. Dietitians monitored their food, physical therapists designed an excercise routine and doctors and nurses took care of their health needs. But most of these people had fast food delivered to their rooms and stuffed their pie-holes in between the clinic meals.

So I'm watching this poor 500 pound girl on camera get buck naked take a shower and offer a running commentary of how she had to wash between all the folds of fat on her legs, belly and back because, "the bacteria can really build up in a day."

After her I watched other very large folks display their thighs, hips, buttocks and bellies. So I switched the channel. Mike Rowe was doing his show, America's Dirtiest Jobs.

Sometimes it's interesting to see what others do for a living. Today was at a very well-to-do horse breeding stable.

Mike was washing a stud's willy and assisting the stallion to make a deposit in the boot-shaped sperm bank. After this Mike took it to the mare and demonstrated, with the help of a nice lady
veternarian how to inseminate the horse.
The veternarian commented that the bag of stallion stuff was worth about $25,000. Which is why the stable was so nice.

You know what? I miss Donna Reed and My Three Sons. The original Mickey Mouse Club was swell and so was The Lone Ranger and Gunsmoke.

I hate TV today.

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