Friday, October 05, 2007


Friday September 28th my wife got an urgent message from her mother. My wife's cousin Connie had been killed in an automobile accident.

She was in a new car that was being driven by her mother in law. They were at an intersection in southern Campbell County in Kentucky.

This was a two lane highway. This rural part of the state is not very well patrolled. You can almost envision Smokey and the Bandit chases here. Cars drive way too fast for the type of road and the blind curves. Aproximately twelve hours prior to the accident someone had hit a stop sign and caused it to bend so it was almost parallel to the opposing traffic. Although it was a very large sign that was octagonal and red, the driver of a Ford F350 from a cement company chose to ignore it and plowed into the passenger side of the car carrying my wife's cousin Connie.

At her layout I spoke briefly with her husband. He arrived on the scene before the paramedics airlifted her to the hospital. Her husband, Tom, was still in shock. Friday, she was buying a car and four days later she is being buried. It took almost an hour for the ambulance to arrive and for the roof of her car to be cut off to remove her body. Tom told me that she still had a pulse, but her pupils were dialated and fixed.

It was indeed a sad day.

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