Monday, May 19, 2008

P Is For Ptosis

I woke up Friday morning with another sinus infection. I drug myself into work in hopes that massive quantities of coffee would encourage the bug to leave my system. Unfortunately by Friday evening it was worse. I took some antibiotics and sinusitus medicine and stayed in bed all weekend in hopes that I would be well by Monday. I feel a little better, but am still not up to snuff.

One morning I was listening to NPR and heard an interview of Pete Seeger discussing some ancient librel event where he sang a few songs to enhance the fervor. One of the songs was called T is for Texas. I always thought it to be a Jimmy Rodger's song. I wasn't aware it was a protest number.

Anyway, my feverish mind came up with this ditty.

P is for Ptosis,

P is for Pterygium.

P is for Ptosis,
P is for Pterygium
And although the P is silent
You got to put it where it am.

P is for Pneumonia,
P is for Psoriasis.

P is for Pneumonia,
P is for Psoriasis,
No matter how thinly you slice it,
you must use P no matter what.

It's never going to make the hit parade. Do they even have a hit parade anymore?

I think I'll just take a pill and lie down now.

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