Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Zorro Was A Democrat

I heard a discussion today in which Neo-Cons were critized. I had no idea what was a Neo Con.

It turns out to be the new derogatory buzz word that means neo-conservatives. Being conservative these days is apparently a vice. I did not know that.

As the discussion progressed Barak Obama's spin on social security tax came up. First he said he would raise social security taxes.

When that flag was not saluted the senator announced he was merely joshing and said no, he would not raise social security tax if elected, but he promised two chickens in every pot.

In 1958 a new TV show debuted. Zorro. There was no one cooler than Zorro. He rode his black steed named Toranado. He wore all black clothing and a black mask. Those shiny black boots were killer. Plus he was an incredible swordsman and a wonderful whip...uh...what ever you call a guy that has prowess with a whip. A whippersnapper? Wearing all black clothing worked out great as no one had color TV in 1958.

The Commandante
Zorro's nemisis was the Commandante, the provincial governor of old California. The wealthy Dons had to pay taxes to the Commandante and so did the peasants.

Truth be told, Zorro was a wealthy Don. Being a Don was good. He along with his daddy both had to pay tax. How is this unlike today? Zorro didn't actually pay the tax. His alter ego, Don Diego was the tax filer.

The Commandante took in the tax, but didn't actually spend the money on infrastructure, civic improvement, peasant welfare and job training. This did not set well with Zorro's concept of tax and spend or with his program for redistribution of the wealth.

Zorro was an early proponate of economic justice. So he set up his four step program.

1. Rob tax collectors at every opportunity.

2. Attack the Commandante by making unwarranted public claims against him, his family, his staff and supporters.

3. Redistribute the wealth by dividing the stolen tax monies equally among every peasant, even though none of them did a pesos worth of work for it.

4. Carve Z's into every available flat surface.

As a child of six I thought this was pretty cool. As a man of 56 that has worked hard all his life paid my share of taxes and would prefer to just take care of my own family.

I'd like to punch that Zorro bastard squarely in the nose.

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