Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Blustery Day

After Winnie the Pooh was abducted by Walt Disney, the folks at his art factory churned out a cartoon called Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. It was based on a chapter from a story book written by A.A. Milne

And though I sincerely hope the Milne family eventually gets safe return of the Bear, I have to say that Winnie the Pooh's Blustery Day ain't got nothin' on the collective experience of the folks in the greater Cincinnati area last Sunday.

There are some poor souls without electric or water as of this writing.

I was composing my thoughts on this very blog last Sunday afternoon when the power went out. My wife and I hoped for a brief interruption, however we were without electric service for Sunday and the next two days.

For those of you that long for the good ol' days, you can have 'em. I would rather not do what needs to be done in the bathroom by candlelight. Cold showers are also not pleasant.

Last Sunday the remants of Hurricane Ike came our way beating the town much like it's namesake used to bitch-slap Tina Turner.
The winds were clocked at 75 mph at the local airport.

In fact the control tower had to be evacuated and flights diverted. Ancient tree's snapped like tooth picks. Power lines and poles tumbled down. And then we all went back to the dark ages.

Except for the Cincinnati Bengals. Duke Energy had priorities and the NFL overrides the rest of humanity. The Bengals got their butts kicked despite of having power, water and lights.

I had to throw out all the food in my refrigerator. The local gas stations showed their compassion by raising gas prices to $4.59 a gallon. It was $3.69 the week before since crude oil had dropped.

Duke Energy has already issued a statement saying, "This is costing us big bucks folks. So open up your wallets because you are footin' the bill. "

Kentucky's governor flew in from Frankfort last Monday to pose for pictures and make a brief speech letting us all know he would take care of us. He then flew away home.

We haven't heard a peep from him since.

Photos used are posted in where you can see more.

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