Saturday, December 20, 2008


2008 has been a difficult year.

Everything was great until the merry month of May. My allergies started acting up and I took too many decongestant tablets.

This combined with the medicine I take to control my blood pressure and the fact that my heart, which already had mild arrhythmia's, set me into atrial fibrillation. I wound up in the hospital for 2 days until my heart converted to "normal sinus rhythm". My cardiologist, Kevin Miller, changed my meds. I've been doing well ever since.

July found me doing yard work. I developed a rash on the side of my chest. which I attributed to being in the weeds. I ignored it. However it started to spread so I went to the doctor. It turned out to be shingles from stress from my heart attack. The doctor was suspicious about the spreading rash since shingles doesn't spread from side to side. Medicine seemed to help for a while. But...........

August & September found me once again in a new rash that started out on my chest and back. The itching was unbearable. My doctor is great, but at times it is difficult to arrange a visit. I did my own research and determined the cause may be one of my diabetes medications.

I emailed Dr. Gigi Tcheng, and she agreed with me. The medicine was sulfa based and she stated that I was most likely allergic to all sulfa medicines. My Dad had a similar allergy. The rash took well over a month to clear up.

October the stock market is in havoc due to some of the large financial institutions making seriously stupid investment choices, that eventually bankrupt and close Lehman Brothers. Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch are acquired by other firms. My company announced layoffs.

I took my vacation, but I was unable to go anywhere. It was a staycation. 'very popular this year. Gas is expensive and my pocketbook is threadbare.

November finds me missing the first round of layoffs. I am having a difficult time dealing with the scripted conversations that have become a part of my job. It seems no matter how hard I try I seem to overlook some minute point.

Knowledge of the job is not an issue after 7 years and obtaining 2 licenses through the SEC. It is just these scripts that seem to be an issue. But I'm the little middle-aged guy that could.

Thanksgiving came and I had a great time with family and friends and shared flora with them which brought about a major sinus infection for myself and my wife.

December is here and so is Christmas. I cannot get in the spirit. Work weighs on me. The same script issues and another round of layoffs will occur next year. The sinus infection forced me to take a day off work (unpaid) to go to the doctor, who insisted I not go into work that day. I have made a major contribution to the Kleenex company and should be rewarded with stock options for my effort instead of piles of nasty used tissues that I donate to the local dump.

Santa brings the usual round of bills. My plan B is to go back to school and resume my career as a surgical technologist. My life and my career is in God's Hands. I have trusted in Him in all things large and small. He has never let me down.

Although it has indeed been a rough year, I am greatful in all things and I am strenghted in the trials that I have been through. My family's foundation is built upon our love of God through His Son Jesus Christ, Y'shua a' Messiach.

I am small, but I trust.

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