Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Debbie - Cute Farm Girl or Evil Temptress?

Back in 1960 a bakery product company was looking for a company logo for it's cookies and cakes. Four year old Debbie stepped up to the plate...or should I say baking pan and took the job. Ever since her face has been on each box of cream-filled snack cakes, oatmeal cookies stuffed with sugary creamie substance, sugar-coated cupcakes and brownies. But is she still that same cute four year old or has she turned into something else?

In 1961 when I was a sprout I recall checking out the latest edition of The Weekly Reader, which was a substantive source before it went all liberal. We were in the midst of the Cold War, which wasn't actually a war at all. It was just countries calling each other names and threatening each other.

Anyway, President Kennedy, who was fearful the Cold War might escalate, decided the United States needed more athletic kids. Russian kids were competing in the Olympics and all the Ruskie 16 year olds looked like Charles Atlas. (even the girls) In 1961 the average person had never heard of steroids. So all U.S. public schools had to initiate a physical fitness program, so we would have big muscular American youths. I say all this because it never occurred to anyone in 1960 to eat a whole family size box of Little Debbie cakes in one sitting anymore than it would occur to the average person in 1961 to drink more than one 6 and a half ounce bottle of Coca-Cola per week.

In 2009 we American consumers take consuming to a whole new level and have swollen to blimp size. We can watch The Biggest Loser on TV to see men and women of elephant proportions try to shrink themselves. BTW some of those men need brassieres, don't ya' think? Obesity is the norm these days.

So I ask, is Little Debbie still the same cute farm girl or is she an evil seductive temptress who tempts us with her chocolaty creamy goodness to desire more of her deliciousness?

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