Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fats Domino - His Own Words

I would hate for someone to construe this as racist. That is not my intent. I am fascinated by the way people talk.

I used to think it hilarious when the McKenzie Brothers were on SCTV doing their Great White North show. When I met some Canadians, eh!, I figured ooouut that's how some of them talk.

Folks in my part of the world often say, y'all instead of everyone. And sometimes they use the word youse instead of y'all or everyone.

The TV series Happy Days would occasionally have the characters sing the song "Blueberry Hill" when Richie alluded to the girl he took out on a date.

This song is an old one, but the most popular version was done by bandleader and singer Fats Domino. I was never quite certain what language he was using for the lyrics. I suppose it was sort of Creole Pidgin English. See if you agree with the lyrics that I hear Fats singing.

Ah foun mah trill,
oin blueburry hill.
oin blueburry hill
wain ah metchoo.

Dah moon was sill
oin blueburry hills
it lingered until
mah dreams came true

Dah win in dah willis play
lubs swee mah-lodee
butt all ub dah bowels shu made
war nebba tubby.

Doe we a pah-hat

I buttah you sill.
Fah you wah mah trill
oin blueburry hill.

Next time you have the oldies station on the radio and they play Blueberry Hill listen and see if you don't agree, these are the words that Fats is singing.

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