Saturday, March 21, 2009

Potpourrei Of Random Thoughts

I really like President Obama's economic stimulus plan. Give Banks money. Yep, makes sense to me.

I believe the Earth is flat. Approximately 10% of the Earth's population can sing on key. Very few people people sing sharp. So it makes perfect sense, the Earth is flat.

What is the deal with vampires? In the late 1990's there was a TV series about a teenage vampire slayer and in this decade there is a popular series of books called The Twilight Saga. Why the fascination?

Corn addiction has taken over the world. Think about it. Corn syrup replaced sugar back in the 1960's due to the Cuba missle crisis when the United States stopped all imports of Cuban sugar. Corn syrup and milled corn are additives in all kinds of food products. Food is fried in corn oil. Most of the gasoline in the United States has ethanol as an additive. Our pets eat food enriched with corn meal. It's fed to cattle. Oh yeah, the make whiskey out of it too. So while we don't exactly have to get our daily fix of corn on the cob or Green Giant Niblets, we none the less have a bad corn jones. Think about that the next time you drink a Diet Pepsi.

Womens shoe fashion is just plain silly. A few years ago the ladies were sporting these rediculous clunkie shoes with big high heels and big soles. Thank goodness that has changed. But now they all wear high heels with these incredibly long sharp pointy toes. They look goofy and must be terribly uncomfortable. Men that hate women must design them.

President Obama promised change in government. That is all we heard about for months and months last year. I know it has only been two months since he has taken office, but I am seeing very little change in government. I guess he wouldn't have won with the phrase, "Same ol', same ol'", but that appears to be his current course of action.

The drive-up ATM at my bank has the keypad coded in Braille. That is a puzzler.


Les Insonorisations said...

Funny and clever. . ;)

Bettina@SL-Aluminium said...

Indeed :))