Sunday, August 15, 2010

TV Commercials

I won't hold my breath, but I think the Zoom-zoom kid is gone.  I haven't seen him for the past couple years, so he either hit puberty or his contract expired.  Thank the Lord!  The kid was probably alright.  'turns out his name is Michal Kanters.  I am sorry Michal, but after seeing this same commercial eight times during a one-hour TV show (which is more like 45 minutes of actual show), one gets really tired of hearing Zoom-zoom.

I am hoping the King is gone.

I haven't seen any commercials for Burger King featuring the rubber-faced, s**t eating grin King.  He is getting real old.  'scuse me, I mean the commercials are getting real old.

It's like a joke that was funny the first time, but after hearing (or seeing it) day after day, month after month it has become trite and hackneyed.

What about those Quizno kittens.  Where is PETA when you need them? A bunch of singing kittens are dressed up in clothes and posed in anatomically incorrect positions for visual amusement just to sell a few sandwiches, is just wrong!

I have got to hand it to Geico.  The piggie commercial is a real hoot.  So is the bird-in-the-hand commercial and the Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln commercial.  At least Geico keeps the commercials fresh. 

I hope other advertisers take a hint.

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