Monday, August 30, 2010

Wrong On So Many Levels

Sometimes my wife takes me to craft shows. We walk around and look at all the crap crafts that ingenious folks make in their spare time and attempt to sell it to gullible people that think this would look so lovely in the bathroom.

For years I've teased my wife that I bet if I made mice out of those womany thingies that come in a tube, I could call them crafts, sell them and I betcha' people would buy them.

She stole my idea!
Imagine my surprise when my honey pulled up a page on the internet and showed me an angel made from a tampon.  I was just kidding, but these sick little monkeys are taking it to a new level. 

So I present to you..Tampon Arts & Crafts.

  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

What child would not marvel at a blow gun that shoots real tampons cotton bullets.

Do you need new earrings to go with that new dress you bought.  Wear these on that big date or for that important meeting at work. You will definitely be the talk of your crowd. Impress your guy or your boss.

May I suggest using a color other than red. Red sort of brings out that recycled look.

You say you don't have an iPod! Bunky?  Never fear. You'll look cool and convincing with this genuine imitation iPod! made out of...guess what!

You always wanted to play a musical instrument, but couldn't afford it?  Well no worries my friend with this new set of Panpipes.  Zamfir's gonna' have some competition.

Holloween is just around the corner. Scare your goblins (and friends) away with this spooky ghost.  It's so easy to make!

Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and won't your guests be amazed at the beautiful turkey centerpiece made out of Playtex's finest.

For the Members of the Tribe, wouldn't this beautiful menorah just scream, "Why is this night different?"

As I get older my hair gets thinner. But do I worry? No sir. Not when I can have a beautiful toupee made out of Tampax Extra Absorbant.  I'll look cool and feel cool. 

This rug just soaks up all the sweat.

Christmas is a comin' and the geese are getting fat.  Yessir, it's right around the corner, so buy one of those large packs and get busy making some of these beautiful Christmas decorations that come with their own string for hanging them on your tree.

And before you know it, once again Spring is here and you can create wonder Easter Crafts to amaze your friends and surprise you family.


Margie said...

The best part of this is the title ! ! !

Anonymous said...

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