Friday, November 05, 2010

The Old Asian/Caucasian Switch-a-roo!

On October 29th young man was intercepted at the airport in Vancouver British Columbia after he boarded a flight from Hong Kong dressed as an elderly white man.

Border Agency officials took the man into custody before passengers were permitted to deboard the Air Canada plane.

While in custody the man made a claim for refugee protection.  Due to liberal government policies of Canada, his wish might be honored.

So let me get this straight. An elderly caucasian man boarded the 12 hour flight in Hong Kong and emerged as a young Asian fellow.

During the flight alert crew members noted that his hands were rather young looking.  Did they stop to think he may have used Palmolive Dish Liquid or Oil of Olay?

In any event the elderly man made his way the washroom and when he emerged...he was a young Asian man.  But perhaps...

It was a miracle!~Whoop - whoop - A-mah-loo-yah!  Elderly white people are changed into young Asians. A sign of the Apocalypse. My friend put your hands on this blog and feel the purple radiance from above.

What actually happened was this guy had worn a very convincing silicone head and neck mask along with glasses, brown sweater and a cap. 

He purchased the disguise on the internet. The masks sell for between $700 and $2300.  A price the Lone Ranger could not afford.

He had also switched boarding passes with a man before getting on board the aircraft. He has not been identified and is being held on immigration detention.

Let us hope terrorists do not see this story or we might be reading about the Depends bomber.

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