Friday, December 03, 2010

The Mothership

The following photographs are from electrician Sean Heavey. They are of a weather phenomenon known as a supercell. This occurred in Glasgow Montana, where Mr. Heavey was working.

Heavey was able to piece together three photos to create the panoramic image that he witnessed from the violent scene. (See first photo)

The supercell caused minor damage and lasted several hours. This sort of weather system centers on mesocyclones, which are rotating upward drafts of air that deliver torrential rain and high wind. A mesocyclone, known as the mother of tornados, can be up to six miles wide and produce as many as 60 tornadoes.

Sean Heavey has been taking photographs of storms for the past seven years. His masterpiece, called “The Mothership” has put him up for an award from the National Geographic Society.

Taking photographs of storms for the past seven years, this year Sean and his masterpiece are up for a prestigious award from National Geographic.

'The 'Mother ship' picture is a super-cell storm that was around five to ten miles in diameter with hurling winds of around 85 miles per hour.

Sean Heavey

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