Sunday, May 21, 2006

Two Cents Worth On The DaVinci Code

First cent:

The name of a great artist, inventory, thinker and renaissance man and image of one of his most famous work is used by a 21st century fiction writer as a title to his book. Mr. Brown puts allusions in the readers mind as to Leonardo DaVinci's intent of the painting and show us that Leo was a scion of the Family Divine.

Second cent:

Most historical figures in the Bible are given a title to show who they are. For example John the Baptist, Mary the mother of Jesus, James the brother of Jesus, James and Andrew, sons of Zebbedee and so on. If Jesus was married certainly the writers of the Gospels would have mentioned this fact.

For those of us that would do a little study we can glean that the Pharisees were the ruling religious class of their day in Hebrew society. They considered themselves the ultimate followers of The Law to the point that they felt obliged to see themselves almost as a higher caste. Those below them, as they felt everyone was, were considered not learned enough to follow the law of God properly, hence looked down upon. Or in this case actually not even looked at at all. They did not make eye contact.

So the fact that this Nazarene Rabbi, Jesus, was bringing the Good News of God's Love to the ha'eretz, the average man and woman was astounding in 30 A.D. And this theme runs deep through all of the Gospels. Because of this Jesus was considered a heretic to the Pharisees. Over and over again the Gospels speak of the questions they pose Jesus and the answers that he gives to them. The Pharisees hated Jesus. He was a pariah that violated their interpretation of the Law and they surmized that he must be stopped.

To site some examples: Jesus touched a dead man to bring him back to life and let a woman with a vaginal discharge touch his garment, yet did not ritually purify himself to their satisfaction. Jesus cast out a demonic spirit from a crazy man that was living with a herd of pigs which were unclean animals as was the man. Jesus healed a man that was blind from birth on the Sabbath. The Pharisees wanted this revolutionary to be made an example of. He was handed over to the Romans and you well know the story tells of his trial, beating, execution and resurrection. Would it not stand to reason that the writers of the Gospels would have included information on Mrs. Jesus to help us understand her feelings and her plight during the crucial final hours of her husbands life?

Rabbis were expected to be married and have children. If you are not of the oppinion that Jesus is the Son of God, perhaps you would at least agree that Jesus was a radical. Jesus consecrated his life to "do God's Work." Those are his own words.

Some say he was a Nazarite, some believe he belonged to the Qumran order. I don't think those facts are important. Jesus was all about God's Business. He made no bones about that. "I came to do My Father's business." In my oppinion Jesus was the ultimate revolutionary. Forget all the so-called revolutionaries. Che Guevara, Castro, Bonaparte, Ghingus Khan, Augustus Caesar, Tiberius, Nero. They were all revolutionaries and their deeds are recalled in books. Their life's work and conquests have been altered over and over many times. We trot them out occasionally when we have a class project or a three part mini-series. In our everyday lives, we pay them no thought.

However, Jesus was THE REVOLUTIONARY. What Jesus has changed has remained changed. His name is talked about continually whether or not someone has written a popular book about him or not. His name is always on someone's lips, be it in prayer or in a profanity. He was right you know? If you silence everyone than even the rocks would cry out for him. I will repeat this. What Jesus has changed has remained changed, because he did the Will of his Father from Heaven.

There are four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles that give an accounting of the life of Jesus and his followers. Although many conspiracy theorists doubt the authenticity of these five books, I'll pit them up against The DaVinci Code any day.

If Jesus was married, the Bible would have offered information on his wife along with her title. Instead it openly states nothing. This leaves openings for those quick with their words to play loose with the facts.

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