Wednesday, July 30, 2008

St. Hugh DeBeaumont - Patron Saint of The Caucasian Community

There is not a week that goes by without someone on the radio or television making a comment about The Black Community, The Hispanic Community or The Gay Community.

This has got me to wondering where are these communities? How often do they meet? What do they do at their community meetings?

I know for a fact that around these parts the Jewish Community has a community center in Amberly Village. I've been there even though I am 100% goyim.

There are some Urban Centers downtown. Urban of course being a code-word for African American. But I do not think The Black Community actually holds it's meetings there.

But you know what? There is never mention of The Caucasian Community by the media. At least I've never heard nothin'. Well occasionally some white idiots start wearing sheets and hoods and start blabbing incoherently about the master race and whatnot and Local 12 shows up with cameras and they make the 11 o'clock report. But most of us caucasoid types detest that sort of behavior and recognize those guys to be a bunch of buffoons.
I mean we are all just people, even though we come in different shades and sizes.

Anyway, if there is a Caucasian Community and I assume there is, why am I never invited to the community get-togethers? Where do you meet and at what time? You could come over to my house. I'll make sandwiches, if you will bring the drinks.

In the event that I am invited to the next Causcasian Community Meeting then I would like to nominate Hugh D Beaumont aka Ward Cleaver mentor and father to Wally and The Beav and TV husband to June Cleaver as patron Saint of the Caucasian Community.

DeBeaumont exemplified fatherly leadership and understanding during a period of time when the world was a much calmer place in which to live. Especially on Wednesday nights from 8 to 8:30 pm eastern standard time and of course in reruns.

If he is not acceptable, my runner up candidate would of course be Andy Griffith.

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