Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He? She? Who?

About a week ago, I took a phone call from someone concerned about their retirement. The co-worker that transferred the call  explained to me that the person waiting to speak to me was at one time John Smith (of course not the actual name), but he had gender reassignment surgery and is now Lisa Smith (also not the actual name) and I should address this man...uh woman as Lisa.

Needless to say it was a rather weird experience for this white bread, Bible belt, corn-fed Cracker.

I try to be nice to everyone and not let differences bother me.  But wow!  To think someone would undergo extensive surgery to have their thingie removed., because they don't like being a man or a woman.

What do they call the surgery?  A lopitophome?

I recently heard someone talking about Sonny and Cher's daughter/son Chastity, who is now known as Chas.  They said the surgical procedure she underwent was called an Addadictome.   Lisa had his removed.

Was it worth the expense and pain?  What drives a person to desire to become an imitation of the opposite sex?

This phenomena is nothing new.  As a teen, I had to ride the public bus to school.  Every morning this strange little person would get on the bus.  My friends asked their parents if this was a man or a woman.  They were told it was a he-she.  Every day the he-she wore the same garb; a plaid wool skirt that resembled a kilt, knee high socks with men's oxford shoes, a sports jacket and a type of beret called a tam-o-shanter.  If I didn't have to get off at school, I would have loved to follow the he-she to work to see which restroom was put to use.

I don't know if this is a glandular thing or what.  It must be hell going through life, wishing you were something you are not. Be thankful for who and what you are.

I wonder when a person who had transgender surgery gets to be sixty and their hormones settle down, do they regret their decision?

I also wonder which restroom Lisa uses?

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