Saturday, April 02, 2011

Koran Burning

Disgracing Christianity

Last September, some idiot in Florida who claims to be a Christian pastor decided it would be a great idea to burn a Koran.  Not content to announce this in the Church’s weekly pamphlet between the opening hymn and the sermon, he instead issued a press release.  

This was announced to the world and in the jolly old Middle East; this was cause for inciting a riot.  Of course, anything, having to do with Americans and Israel is cause for inciting a riot in the Middle East.  So all those men and boys wearing their nightshirts and sandals got out  guns, fired bullets in the air and burned effigies of the President and a few Bibles, while shouting “Death to America.”  Ladies were not invited, since they were not worthy nor actually considered people.

In the interim, these same rioters have executed several Christians, including an independent Bible publisher.  I have not seen a similar outrage in the United States.  Perhaps this was because one had to look beyond page 3 of the paper to find this news.  Besides, it did not have to do with any sports team winning, which is a justified cause for a riot.

After government pressure including a call from the President and the FBI, the pastor backed off and did not burn a Koran.

Pastor Terry Jones is behind the deaths of UN Workers
Unfortunately, the Press and therefore the public lost interest in the Pastor and his church, thus making the pastor and church very sad.  So the pastor got the congregation together and roasted a Koran then made an announcement in the form of another press release.  So far a reported 20 people that ran a U.N. mission were killed in retaliation, with another 83 people wounded.  However, this so-called Christian jackass has proved his point.  Korans are flammable.

Jesus commanded us to love God and love one another.  He told us to judge not the you might not be judged.  I may be incorrect, but I have not read anything in the Bible instructing us to hate another persons beliefs and incite violence.

It is not my job to pass judgment, but I am of the opinion that the blood of these people is on the hands of Pastor Terry Jones.  May the world recognize you for the self serving  garbage that you are and the blight you have caused to our faith in a loving God.

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