Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate

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Does anyone besides me think something is hinky about Barack Obama's recently released birth certificate?

Our Country was founded on the principals set forth in the Constitution.  U.S. law is based upon the Constitution. Due to this, it is a most valid issue to determine the legal birthplace of the United States President. Especially of a man who spent much of his childhood years in Indonesia.

Conservatives have been asking for President Obama to produce his birth certificate since he was elected. He produced a "short form."  Recently the Governor of Hawaii made a statement that Mr. Obama's birth certificate would be impossible to produce.

Donald Trump, whose motto is "With great money, comes great power" was able to coerce the State of Hawaii and the President to come up with a "long form" birth certificate.  Why did it take three years, for the President who promised a new era of government transparency?

Most of us at one time or another are required to present our birth certificate. I have my birth certificate and my wifes. Both were from a mimeograph stencil on plain paper. The borders are distinct and both of ours are stamped with an indelible seal.  In fairness, I will say I am nine years older than Mr. Obama. 

Consider the following points and click on the birth certificate at the bottom of the screen to view the issues.

1.  President Obama's birth certificate is printed green paper with a security background and does not have a seal.

2.  At the top of the page we see Single - Twin - Triplet.  There are X's above the words Twin and Triplet.  What is that all about?

3.  Mr. Obama was born August 4, 1961. His father did not sign the certificate until August 7th, 1961 and the Doctor did not sign it until August 8th, 1961.  The date accepted by local register is August 8th, 1961.  Odd?  Why is the bottom section that says, "Evidence for delayed filing or alteration" not filled in, since it was delayed?

4.  On the right side of the document there are some numbers written vertically.  2-9-9-1. What is the reason?

5.  The box next to the type of medical professional is smudged.  Didn't the doctor know he was an M.D.?

6.  There are some barely visible 0's written here.

7.  The signature of the register appears to be Ukelee.  Was his/her name Ukulele?  Most strange.

8.  It is signed and stamped "I certify this is a true copy or abstract record on file in the Hawaii department of health"  What is an abstract record and why is it in boldface?

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One last thought, and I do not want to sound racist, but in 1961 Black People were not listed as African, they were listed as Negro on legal documents.  Perhaps the word African was used in deference to his father being a citizen of Kenya.

I have included a link to a somewhat different birth certificate for Barack Obama that has different information, including the signature of his grandmother instead of his father. It also lists evidence for the delay (in filing).  I cannot validate the authenticity of this document, but I will say that it certainly does give a more realistic appearance of a 1961 birth certificate than the green form that was recently released.  As I say in my disclaimer, these are my opinions.

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