Monday, April 11, 2011

When The Polar Bear Beat the Shit Out Of A T. Rex

The Bear came to see. The Bear came to play. There was no T. Rex anywhere on that day.  Bear sat in the woods and he made number two. For you see he’s a bear and that is what they do.  

When all of a sudden from over the hill, there came the T. Rex, the T. Rex named Bill. “Get ready to rumble,” said Bill the T. Rex.  The bear looked him over and tore into his neck. Bill the T. Rex took off his top hat. He was ready to fight; he would mash the bear flat. 

Then in a flurry from out of the blue, came a bevy of lawyers from the ACLU.  “Cease and desist,” the attorneys all stated, “Polar Bears are protected, it cannot be debated.” The bear took a swing with his powerful paw; the T. Rex fell down and started to crawl. Then a lawyer caught Bill by his terrible tail and served a subpoena and put him in jail.

So Missy and Julie and Chrissie and Bobby, don’t play with the bears, for it is not a good hobby. When you walk through the woods watch out for their feces and always recall they’re a protected species.

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