Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dream Number 12099

I am in a large building. I think I may be on the second floor, but I am not certain. It’s my Mother’s house, but it isn’t.

My entire family is cleaning, scrubbing and ridding the house of years of junk. Mom is getting a reverse mortgage. The appraiser is coming soon and we want to be ready.

I’ve parked the car nearby on the street. The street looks much like any downtown street on a city block. The car is a yellow VW Beetle. I have enter the house from the front door off the street. The house appears to look more like a warehouse than Mom’s actual home.

Eventually the appraiser arrives with her entourage. She is a middle aged Black business woman with a clipboard. She acknowledges no one, but goes straight to work, walking from room to room with her assistants, who resemble her. She is making notes and checking things off on the clipboard.

Finally she offers an appraisal of $55,000.

My brother speaks up and says, “What are you…nuts!” She says this is based on similar neighborhood properties. My brother gets mad and leaves. I tell the lady, “Ma’am, I can show you lists of homes that have sold in this neighborhood for $127,000 up through $270,000. This home is huge. You haven’t even taken that into consideration. Would you please revise your offer?”

The appraiser then pulls out another contract and asks to use my copy machine. I let her know we have a scanner and show her how to use it. The appraiser writes the figure, $88,000 and makes copies of it. Although the first attempt she put the paper in sideways.

I explain that she is low-balling my Mother and that is not going to happen and also explain the exit door is downstairs. The appraiser and the entire crew leaves in a huff.

Now I have arrived in another car. It appears to be an old one I used to own. I enter the home once again. Most of the rooms are painted yellow and the lighting is bright. The floors are hardwood.

I am talking with someone and explain that I must leave. I exit the building.

Where are my cars? I cannot recall where I parked. I remember there are two cars here somewhere, but where?

My Dad calls me from the second floor balcony and says that he has them. He has paid for my tags and title and has it for me. He is standing there with my siblings, who look much younger than the actually are these days.

I thank him and tell him that I will be back as I head to the bottom of the street to the hospital. I say hello to some folks I know who are headed to have their supper. I am asked to join them.

I never knew what is for supper since I wake up. The clock says 3:50 am. Hooray! I can go back to sleep.

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