Thursday, November 27, 2014

Potpourri for Thanksgiving Day 2014

I definitely need to try this since my doctor tells me I have a severe sparkle deficiency.

When I was a kid, not only were there advertisements for cigarettes on television, some of the cigarettes were trained to dance.

It is funny how after years and years, phrases come to mean something altogether different.

One of the nicest ladies on Facebook writes Godzilla Haiku.

The looting and rioting in Ferguson Missouri has given a whole new meaning to Black Friday.

I cannot imagine having twins.

My wife graduated at the top of her class for a mastery degree program last year. She cannot find a job.

We are hearing so much about racism this year. But you know what I think? It ain't really racism; it is politics.


It is too bad that Berkley Breathed quit his successful comic strip. The guy was the best at what he did. This is one of my favorites from his Bloom County comic strip

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