Saturday, June 14, 2008

Old vs New - It looks like same ol' same ol' to me.

The Silly Season is upon us in a big way.

The Dems have finally made a choice. Barack Obama, the candidate for change, is their nominee.

The Republicans have named, John McCain, the candidate with experience, as their candidate.

Obama is new and shiny and ethnic. McCain is old and seasoned and extremely white.

Obama represents immediate change, while McCain represents caution in policy change.

We have already been barraged with Obama-ites and Clinton-ites firing off lies about one another. Recently we have heard more of the same regarding Obama's affiliations and McCain's senility.

Our past two Presidents both served eight years and left the country in worse shape than when they started. I blame this on the same factor we are seeing today. Both parties couldn't come up with anything better than what was currently on the menu.

President Clinton will be remembered for his morally despicable behavior, but let us not forget that the Dow Jones Average under his watch was in the 8,000's. The bond market was over-inflated and stocks were seriously tanking. Today the Dow hovers around 12,000 and the bond market was good until the real estate market's flaws were detected. Clinton's crowning achievement was getting Israel and Palestine to agree upon peace. Ten years later Israel has given Palestine a piece of Israel, called Gaza, but Palestine wants more than a piece.

September 11th, 2001 occurred under the current President Bush. We are engaged in the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war. Both have become unpopular as American's question the motives.

Even Ronald Reagan, who was a very popular and strong President, signed the NAFTA legislation which opened the doors for free trade and sent many American jobs to other countries.

The United States existed through some seriously flawed Presidential administrations. We have carried on despite their failures of these men.

James Buchanan's refusal to budge on slavery helped lead us into the Civil War.

Warren Harding was ineffective and his cronies plundered the US Treasury. Andrew Johnson's opposition of reconstruction after the Civil War kept the rift open for decades.

Franklin Pierce was instrumental in pushing the Country westward, but also adding slave states, thus dividing the Country.

Millard Filmore approved the Compromise of 1850 which set up the western slave states.

John Tyler (was he even President?) abandoned his party once elected and ignored the platform he was elected upon.

Grant was a war hero in the North, but could not control the graft and corruption under his nose. Male children are no longer named Ulysses.

Herbert Hoover had little or no control over the Depression, subsequently no one names their son Herbert anymore.

Richard Nixon was overtly concerned about his own image, thus became associated with the Watergate scandal and resignation. Very few male babies are given the name Dick these days. Do we see a trend?

Zachary Taylor was another war hero, but was a completely inexperienced president and accomplished little.

Both Wilson and FDR became ill during the later part of their administrations which was concealed from the public, while the Country was run by their advisors and wives.

Carter's inexperience in Washington, lead the country into it's worst inflationary period since the Depression. The United States lost credibility due to the Iranian hostage situation under his administration.

I have no idea who is going to win the upcoming election. In my opinion both candidates are not the best choices. I fear a repeat of the Carter adminstration under Obama. Likewise McCain may be comparable to Bush.

Given our history, we will survive despite who is elected.

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