Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Biggest Loser Of The Toronto Film Festival

I hear on today's news that some idiot from Great Britain is screening a film that he produced. The screening is at a film festival in Toronto. The work is a fictional account of the assassination of our United States President Bush and the events that happen afterward. He is hoping that a distributor will want to purchase the rights to his work and show it in theaters across the world.

He calls his mock-documentary Death Of A President, which depicts the imagined assassination of George W. Bush. The film seems to be this year's lightning rod for political outrage at the Toronto International Film Festival. The movie is fashioned as a future look back at the repercussions that follow Bush's assassination in October 2007. We can only hope that this work will soon be referred to as The Early Death Of A Stupid Idiot Left Leaning Imbecile's Film That Only Lasted Long Enough To Be Snubbed And Ignored By Correct Thinking People Of Intelligent Nature.

In a release, director Gabriel Range said, "We're thrilled to be screening the film at Toronto. It's a striking premise which may be seen as highly controversial. But it's a serious film which I hope will open up the debate on where current U.S. foreign and domestic policies are taking us."

If I lived close enough to Toronto I would like to debate my size 10 and a half right boot up his back end. Since I do have the luxury or time to be there I will use this forum as I have a couple of things to say to this loser.

Number one: The past couple of weeks marked the anniversary of an 8 month nightmare for Great Britain called The Blitzkrieg. I know this fellow is much too young to recall this event, but London was bombed continually and many of his ancestors lost their lives in an attempt by Hitler and his Nazi regime to wipe out England.
In fact last week was The anniversary of the V-rocket/bomb being launched to bomb England. This was the first guided missile weapon. Though the British fought valiantly in WWll, if it were not for American intervention Mr. Range, you sir would be speaking German and goosestepping your way through life and studying Mein Kampf at your prep school.

Number two. I am old enough to remember the assassination of President Kennedy. It was a horrible moment for my country. This was a great tragedy and is nothing I would want to see happen again.

What kind of perverted mind does it take to think up this sort of distasteful cinematic crap? Where is he getting the money to put together such a film? He is an embarrassment to his country, to his family and to all proper thinking and reasonable human beings. Oh but I digress. Moving right along.

Number Three. It is a crime to talk about killing a President. If you do come to the United States I would hope that the Secret Service will arrest and detain you for questioning and then deport your sorry ass.

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