Saturday, September 09, 2006

If The Political Left Only Had Their Way...

There is going to be a mini-series on ABC about the oversite within our government that might have prevented the 9/11 disaster. The scuttlebutt says that the Clinton administration was too self-absorbed in it's shenanigans to be monitoring the chatter going on in the mideast. Additionally a number of high ranking Al Qaida operatives were allowed to be deported by President Clinton.

In all fairness the first Bush administration may have dropped the ball as well according to the docu-drama and backed up by history. It's just that The Clinton Foundation is squealing the loudest. They have put enough pressure on ABC that the film has been re-edited. Now they are demanding that the series not be seen by the public. So much for freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

In the past couple of days the Lefties have hearlded the fact that Sadaam Hussein had no connection to Al Qaida so hence the war we are currently engaged in has been for naught. We have also heard the left's marvelous brass chorus trumpeting the fact that recent polls indicate that 36% of the nations college students believe that our own federal government had played a hand in the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001. You might want to look at my recent blog on a Polling company. I heard on CNN last night a commentator state that most Afghanis are longing for the peace and lack of corruption they had when the Taliban ruled. I'm betting that those Afghanis asked this question were not women.

If the Left has their way:

We would walk away from Iraq and say, "So sorry for all the destruction. Have a nice day."
We would do the same in Afghanistan. We would also pardon Sadam from his crimes...uh, I mean discretions.
We also would quit monitoring our airports because this is a bother and is discriminatory to terrorists.
We would hold a special election and appoint Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry as a triple Co-President.
Of course Guantanamo would be immediately evacuated and all detainees would not only be compensated but be allowed to file suit in United States Federal Court.
All gas stations would have walk-in abortion service provided for free.
Morning after pills would be dispensed for free in pop machines. So would condoms.
We would disband the military except for the Gay soldiers. They would be allowed to hold parades. 'really flamboyant parades.

Life would be wonderful, birds would sing, butterflies would fly, the sun would shine, waterfalls would spring from rocks, the sky would be blue and the people of the world would hold hands and sway in unison as they sang. If only the Left has their way.

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