Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Danger Of Tainted Spinach

Our nation is facing the threat of biological illness caused by bagged spinach that has been contaminated by what is commonly referred to as E-Coli.

Escherichia Coliform or E-Coli is the key ingredient in the biological substance that we all know as poop. A bacterium that is found within the intestine is essential to break down waste within the body. However poop, when ingested can cause extremely adverse results. It may be noted here that some of us seem to have to pooped served up to us for ingestion on a daily basis, although I am being metaphorical.

Here is an example of a man with advanced stage E-Coli poisoning.

You can see that his limbs are swollen especially at the forearms and calves. This man has obviously suffered a stroke. His eye is closed shut; he has dysphasia (speech problems) and is having ambulatory trouble. It appears that he may even fall over and probably should be using a crutch or a cane. We can also deduct from the old fashion thrift store used clothing that he is probably on welfare and not receiving quality health care.

Such are the dangers of tainted spinach. My advice is to stick with some of the other green leafy vegetables such as kohlrabi, romaine or bib lettuce so that you will not end up like this poor schmuck.

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