Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Weapons On Campus

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

"The state's highest court ruled Friday that the University of Utah has no right to ban guns on campus, rejecting the argument that prohibiting firearms is part of the school's power to control academic affairs.

Writing for the 4-1 majority, Utah Supreme Court Justice Jill Parrish said case law 'is incompatible with the university's position.'

'We simply cannot agree with the proposition that the Utah Constitution restricts the Legislature's ability to enact firearms laws pertaining to the university,' Parrish wrote.

In a dissent, Chief Justice Christine Durham said policies that are reasonably connected to the school's academic mission are within its autonomous authority over academic affairs. Under the majority analysis, she said,' the university may not subject a student to academic discipline for flashing his pistol to a professor in class.'

But no one will be permitted to carry a gun anytime soon on the campus, home to more than 44,000 students, faculty and staff members. Friday's ruling resolved only the state issues involved in the matter; the case now goes back to U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City for litigation of federal constitutional issues."

My Daddy never had firearms in our house, but he was a believer in the right to own firearms. I have never had a problem with that as long as you are of sound mind and practice firearms safety. I take issue with guns on a campus because let’s face it, I was a 19 year old guy in college at one time with other 19 year olds. At that age you are just not responsible.

Perhaps we need to implement a practice they use at amusement parks. We put up a life-size cutout of John Wayne and a sign that says, “You must be as tall as The Duke to carry weapons.”

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