Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Class Reunion

Well I went to the class reunion last night and had brunch with some great old friends this afternoon.

What is it about high school that makes us want to flock back every five or ten years to revisit our wonderful and painful memories? I don’t know. But back we go.

The first ten year reunion we went to satisfy our curiosity. We wanted to see what happened within that brief span and sort of gauge ourselves against our competition. Ten years had certainly changed a lot of us with a myriad of differing experiences. Some had married and were already proud parents of rug rats. Some had brought their significant other which turned out to be a person of the same sex as they were. Many of the stoners had come to, realized there was a life outside of the clinic, cleaned up their act and remembered who their classmates were.

The twenty year reunion brought many more changes. More people had married and some of the married folks were divorced. We had been fruitful and multiplied and had the pictures to prove it. There were more college graduates and more folks were gainfully employed in jobs that did not require a name badge and paper cap.

Sadly, a few folks had left this life at a very young age. Perhaps the most significant thing that has happened to us all is that everyone had become very friendly and caring. Life had blessed us with the reality that in order to get along in this world’s big sandbox we all have to play nice. So we grew out of the sullen and angry young men and women that we were. We realized that we were not going to change the world and to get along we had to conform. Somewhere within this span of time we had forgotten that we knew everything. High school students do know everything. Just ask one.

Last nights reunion was the best. We are all mellowing with age and looking good. Everyone was sweet and nice. They are all precious and good people. We all had stories to tell. On a very sad note seven more classmates had left this earth way too soon.

I am not sure why there are four years in your young life seem to be key in shaping your psyche and your future. I am not going to ponder on this fact. I'll just be thankful that I have good friends and pleasant memories.

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