Thursday, June 08, 2006

Generic News

This is good for any city and I offer it for use in any publication. I offer:

Today’s generic news.

Shootings occurred today in the bad part of town. Gang violence and drug dealing are the suspected cause.

Teen drivers are blamed for a bad wreck today on a hilly road in a nice suburb. Alcohol may be a factor.

Police are accused of using excessive force in the arrest of a suspect from the bad part of town.

Local attorney indicted in fraud scheme.

Local female teacher accused of having relationship with male student.

Democratic leaders accuse GOP coalition.

Republican leaders accuse Democratic coalition.

Priest is accused of molestation

Hospital planning new building addition.

School system contemplates request on next ballot for additional funding.

Homeless man taken to emergency room.

Taxi driver robbed at gunpoint.

Saint Francis Festival this weekend.

Today’s weather is sunny, overcast, cloudy with chance of rain perhaps thunderstorms, but maybe not. Temperatures in the high digits or low digits depending on how things go.

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