Sunday, June 04, 2006

Update On the Insurance Claim

Well I finally heard back from my insurance agent James Skinner. I guess when I signed on with the Rippem, Fleecem and Skinner Agency I should have had some second thoughts.

As you may recall during a bad storm a tree was uprooted and landed in my front yard. There was no property damage to my home or porch. There are also two trees in the back of the house that are precariously appearing as they may topple over onto the house.

So Mr. Skinner tells me that he is sorry that the tree did not land on the house or at least across the driveway so he could approve the claim. Since it didn't my insurance does not cover the removal of the tree. Even though there is a massive hole in the front yard where the roots used to be.

Too bad, so sad.


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